Thursday, April 30, 2009

Details for May 1-2 campout


Friday, May 1:
3:20 dismissal from school
3:45 - 5:30 Set up for Saturday's Expo/practice pitching tents/gear check. We are running the kid's club, plant sale, face painting, etc. at the Expo.
5:45 travel to Camp Roger from RCS in parent vehicles, Buth and Barrett's vehicles.
6:00 head off into the woods toward our campsite. Set up camp and start dinner prep.
7:00 eat dinner, clean up
7:30 solo time, journaling
8:00 Capture the Flag
9:00 Campfire
10:30 Quiet in tents for the night
Saturday, May 2:
6:30 prepare breakfast/break camp
7:30 hike to Townsend Park
8:30 devotion/reflection/solo time
9:30 leadership roles exercise/team challenge
11:00 picnic lunch at Townsend Park
11:45 travel from Townsend Park to RCS
12:00-4:00 attend assigned posts at Expo. (about 8-10 students are signed up to help; if some who are not signed up would like to be, there may be spots available. Responsibilities include selling plants, watching kids, painting faces, selling concessions)
Equipment list:
Set of comfortable clothes. Warm clothes for evening/morning. Rain gear (jacket and pants; poncho) Current forecast is 60s/40s low to moderate chance of rain.
Supportive shoes you can hike in/run around in; extra pair of socks
Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow (or just roll up your sweatshirt)
Personal care/hygiene items/medicine as needed
Mess kit (the ones we handed out at the March 28 meeting. If you need one, I'll have them available on Friday)
Water bottle
Journal/pencil/bullet: I will provide these for each student. We will make journal covers later.
Small Bible
Backpack: school backpack/daypack. If you have a larger, backpacking variety pack, you may bring it. You will be asked to carry some group gear (food, water, stove, cookpot, etc.)
Bandanna: it's a cloth napkin, a cleaning tool, a sunscreen, a hair-tie, a filter, you name it.
Other needs:
Parents willing to help out with Expo until the students arrive to take over (9a.m.-12p.m.). We need at least four.
Camp stove: we could use one more, to boil water
Tents: four have been offered. I'd like two-three more just to be safe

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