Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

A quick overview of the last two days...
Tuesday: We canoed and hiked at String Lake. In the evening a local artist came and taught a class about journaling, sketching, and water color. The students also learned about Olaus and Mardy Murie.

Wednesday: The students participated in a service project where they planted Willow trees. We spent the afternoon at the Wildlife Art Museum. Tonight the students will participate in a mediation time where they learn about and debate the local issue "Should we continue to feed the elk on the National Elk Reserve?"

Everything has been going well and we feel very blessed with good weather, fantastic food, excellent Teton Science School instructors, encouraging fellowship, wonderful group and individual devotion times, and an exceptional group of students and chaperons.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us: for safety, unity, energy, hearts that are open to learn what God wants to show us. We are loving seeing your children grow and challenge themselves and look forward to them being able to share those things with you when we return home.

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  1. Greetings to my favorite group of teenagers ever!!

    I am home safe and sound. I Loved on my family and slept in my own bed, which was all great. However, my heart is with you all on your journey. Coming home was a need not a want...I want to be at Oxbow with you, I want to be celebrating with you on Friday and I want to be exploring the spendor of Yellowstone with you. You all have FAR exceeded the expectations I had for this trip. I am a better person having spent the last 8 days with such an amazing group of young people! God has given each of you so many gifts....watching you use them with those around you was nothing short of awesome. I love your goodness,your knowlegde, your self-control,your perseveance,your godliness your brotherly kindness, your gentleness and most of all your LOVE for those around you. Each of you is so special. Thanks for the journey and I can't wait to welcome you all home on Wednesday. 84 and Sunny is the forcast!!!

    Sending love and laughter (and a little extra sugar to Beau!)

    Mrs. Redfield