Thursday, May 7, 2009

Operation Squirrel starts Monday, May 11!

Operation Squirrel will begin Monday after school and continue through Thursday morning (depending on how much more money is raised). I will be ascending into the tree around 4:00 on Monday and descending around 9:00 on Thursday. Students exceeded the goal by several hundred dollars and in total more than $6300 was pledged. Great job everyone! Pledges may be solicited and collected indefinitely, but the number of hours in the tree is based on the pledges made so far.

Erika H. and Christie C. will be blogging my notes from the tree twice on Tuesday and twice on Wednesday.

Reuben L. will be running POOPS (Post Office for OPeration Squirrel). He willing be selling suckers for a quarter each - the suckers come with a special notecard - with a squirrel on it - which can be used to ask questions of the squirrrel. Reuben will send/receive notecards twice on Tuesday and twice on Wednesday. The best questions will receive prizes.


  1. Hello to all that see this, I have no idea if this will help any, but I used to live and work out where you area going this summer, and would be happy to help if I can. I have been up in the mountains surrounding Yellowstone and the Tetons. You can contact me if you would like at my email address, God Bless, Steve

  2. Rockford Christian School is excited about what you are doing Mr. Buth! Way to go!