Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scholarship Essay

Scholarships will be awarded to summer program participants on a competitive basis using the following writing prompt:

"People often return from summer camps glowing with the peace, joy, and kindness that results from time spent outdoors with close community, encountering God with few distractions.. Unfortunately, this can fade quickly when they return to the routine back home - the overly busy schedule, the sometimes negative influence of peers, the lure of unhealthy habits - and suddenly God, creation and community all seem distant and sometimes even undesirable. How will you use the opportunities given to you on the Grand Teton Summer Journey to be a better caretaker of creation, a better member of community and one who avoids distractions so (s)he can walk more closely with God after you return home?"

Deadline: June 15. This allows you some time to finish up the already busy month of May and gives us enough time to read them all and give awards before July 2, when we leave for Wyoming.

Format: Narrow margins, Times New Roman 12 pt, headed with a title and date but no name, submitted to the Rockford Christian School office, in an envelope, with a 4-digit PIN to identify the author. Head your paper with the title and PIN number only.

A conventional five paragraph essay is recommended, but other writing genres (such as poetic, lyrical, dialogue, story, etc. are acceptable (and tend to stand out).

Awards: A committee of GRCS staff members will read the essays and each will rank their top three. They will then collectively decide award recipients. Awards will be a minimum of $200, $150, and $100 and some award will be given to each student who submits an essay.

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